Createful experiences brought the happiness that I had deep down into my everyday life. As I express myself with art and see my images appear on the paper I feel so much gratitude and joy. 

-Anna, Boston, MA

These practices help me feel connected and understand myself with compassion. This gives me the space to become aware of my emotions so that I can face them and heal them mindfully.

-Julia, New York, NY

I was so resistant at first because I knew I couldn’t draw. I started by just doodling with my favorite colors. Once I let this happen I felt my body relax and my mind felt calm, less cluttered, and less negative. 

-Adrienne, Los Angeles, CA

Witnessing the colors run together and my art transform in front of me gives me a feeling of tranquility and extreme relaxation. I feel this calmness through the day that I don’t usually feel and I face challenges with less reactivity. These practices have changed my lifestyle. 

-Veronica, London, UK

I have a hard time with meditation but with createful’s art experiences I am able to use my creativity to access a flow state. Now createful experiences are a part of my daily practices. 

-Dan, Brooklyn, NY

I get to play and create in a way I haven’t been able to since I was a kid. I forgot how important play and lightheartedness are to my life. Thanks createful!

-Lara, Brooklyn, NY