Welcome to createful!

createful is a therapeutic space where you can feel empowered to wield your innate creativity in order to live your best life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. More than just a mindfulness app, createful offers tools of mindfulness-based creative arts, yoga, and psychotherapy. Experience wellness in mind-body-soul through your creative expression. 


Each carefully curated video experience on the createful app is designed to help you access and explore your greatest potential through mind, body, emotion, and spiritual health. Whether you are struggling with something, want to learn a new skill, or want to experience flow, createful is here to support and guide you through on-demand therapy experiences, tools, and individual services.


Our createful family is a small and passionate group of inclusive artists, art psychotherapists, holistic healers, and social justice advocates dedicated to enhancing everyday lives through active arts and yoga expression. From decades of experience integrating eastern methodologies and western sciences we made createful to offer the world a source for accessible, evidence-based arts practices. 
Mindfulness meditation, art therapies, and yoga therapy have been some of the most beneficial practices for ourselves and our clients. Now we are unleashing these practices to the world so that everyone can benefit from createful’s therapeutic space of mindful, playful, artful, and healthful exploration. 


Rather than handing you boring cbt worksheets or asking you to be still in meditation, createful allows you to reveal your true nature to yourself through guided and self-guided artistic experiences led by licensed professionals in creative arts, art psychotherapy, and holistic healing. 
Createful recognizes that people need practical, effective tools to release and restore their mind-body-soul balance and access their internal self. Createful provides hands-on experiential methods to bring self-care and whole-person wellness into the homes and lives of all. 
Createful realizes that your health isn’t just skin deep, it emanates from within you. In other words, there is an integral connection between the physiological and psychological aspects of your wellness. Createful promotes this form of complete wellness through expressive art therapies, yoga, mental health, and mindfulness resources that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. There are guided video experiences designed to help you engage and activate the creative centers of your being, immerse you in life-enhancing flow states, while releasing tensions and distractions.

What will you find on createful? 

Below is a list of a few special features to get you started on the path to harmony and wellness: 
  • Enjoy guided creative video experiences that support healthy living
  • Connect to a network of highly qualified expressive arts psychotherapists for more individual support
  • Schedule 1:1 therapy sessions with a personal licensed holistic art therapist 
  •  Receive healthy life tips and self-care strategies
  • Learn more about the benefits of art therapy, mindfulness, and flow
  • Access products + experience kits that can provide you with additional tools to get creative in everyday life
  • Personalize your treatment plan for anxiety and depression relief
  • Build emotional resilience and stress management skills
  • Equip yourself with strategies for mindfulness-based living 
  • Find your path to holistic health and wellness through personalized care

Thank you for being part of createful and our mission to bring the world creative health. We hope these practices serve you as they serve us. As our createful family grows we are always open to your constructive feedback and creative collaborations. Share with us via email at creators@livecreateful.com, or on our social media @livecreateful.
We look forward to sharing createful healing with all of you creative beings.